by Me The Guts

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released October 31, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Jordan Smith
Mixed by Mike Lefebvre
Mastered by Craig Boychuk



all rights reserved


Me The Guts Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Adam - Guitar
Joel - Bass
Derek - Drums/Vox

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Track Name: Fistful Thinking
When it seems to be there's nothing left to do here let it slip away drift through waves across the ocean i can't believe we let this happen again i can't believe we let it slip through our hands / i don't think we need to be so fucking shady i don't think we need to be / we'll lay low soon they'll know the way we hide down under pushed aside i don't see it don't bother me isn't that the way it's supposed to be / i guess it's just the way it goes fuck that we need to take control before things get too fucked up
Track Name: Get Up You Sonofabitch
we try to stay out of the same old lies but have we passed over one too many times hard to go about this any other way when you're just a number in this game we play / we'll say that we could be on the same page but we are definitely on a different frequency / cause i couldn't speak couldn't spit out words that used to mean the world to me been passed over don't know why let's give this son of a bitch one last try / it's hard to say if i still believe in hard to say if i still believe in oh yeah i've taken words lost meaning and direction my heart was there my stories old i slowly gained control of this affection i laid them out i let them
Track Name: Thunderlips
we've been down here this whole time we've been down here this whole time have you i think it's time that we deserved an answer anything will do to keep us tied on over until next seasons running smooth back on the ice where you belong i'll get back to writing love songs / i've got a shaky feeling that i just can't get rid of i've got this shaky feeling get back to what we were / there's gotta be a way to save us from total destruction there's gotta be a way to make it as if things will never change
Track Name: Welp... That's Life
i took a few steps back last night breaking out breaking it off can't seem to get my timing right these winter months they feel so cold pick up the pieces down on blakeney try keep my body whole / these words we were saying oh they sure did fool me the little i thought i'd found dug deeper into solid ground / just give me a little time to figure out the shit that's on my mind and i'd love to say that none of this will happen again / i had every intention to make this work my darling i just lost my step get back up in the morning / with few things on my mind i like to keep it that way the ones who matter don't mind and that's the way it'll always be
Track Name: You're Lucky I'm A Nice Guy And Don't Like Hurting People
from a dying father to his son he said don't worry cause there are bigger problems lying on his deathbed well aware that his days were numbered but still he showed no fear / he said son don;t worry / early morning knocking on my door right then and there i knew he hurt no more i had a feeling this could have been the last never forget the memories we had / he said son don't worry